Sometimes we fail to realize that we have become addicted to our emotions. It is the feeling of satisfaction when our actions are driven mainly by our emotions. It is the sense of pride we have with the thought of not trying to hide who we really are. We just want to go with the flow and let our emotions control how we think and respond. This is a good thing until we realize that our negative feelings become our default emotions.

Our uncontrolled emotion arises problems 

It is not a bad thing to be sad, worried, or upset and no one can invalidate our feelings. The bad thing is when we become reliant on certain emotions for comfort and relief and we allow them to badly influence our perception. As a result, we make unwise decisions, have inappropriate behaviors, and oftentimes injure our relationships with others. When we frequently face these types of situations, it is a sign that something is wrong with us. 

If something is wrong, it definitely needs a solution. Start by accepting the fact that we are responsible for the results of our actions. We have to learn to step back and have time to weigh the advantages and disadvantages before taking action in any situation. And if we decide to take a step, we need to make sure it is not something we will regret in the long run. 

To sum it up, it is fine to be sad or happy but if we make decisions, our minds should be stronger than our emotions. We should turn our emotional addiction into emotional intelligence and make it a solution to a problem instead of being the problem. It will never be easy at first, but if we start to see how beneficial and how powerful it is, it becomes our addiction. Be aware of our feelings and thoughts so that we will not be addicted to our emotions. 

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