The human brain is more powerful than all the digital technology in the world combined. You need to tap the much more powerful part of your brain. We need to use our brains to the fullest and achieve our highest potential.

Here are some hacks to tap into more of our brains. We need to find a balance between environmental, physical, nutritional, relaxation, and other aspects of life.


  1. Listen and pay attention to the world by using your senses. Get fresh air. Fresh air can boost brain power, focus, and mood.
  2. Become a better listener. 
  3. Slow down and relax your mind.
  4. Go for a walk and try to notice scenes, textures, and noises. Smell natural scents, it increases oxygen flow to the brain.
  5. Identify your best hour. Younger ones tend to have more focus in the afternoon while older ones have them in the morning.
  6. Observe something new every day. 


  1. Exercise to keep your mind young and healthy.
  2. Practice the stream writing technique, it will help you tap your subconscious.
  3. Try blind readings, this will help you tap into your intuition. This will require you to write solutions to a problem you have on three different index cards. Turn them over and evaluate which one you’re most drawn to.
  4. Play “this or that”, will require you to make impulse choices based on your intuition or gut. Ask questions like “morning or afternoon” or “city or town”.
  5. Do aerobic activity will increase oxygen and blood flow to the brain and give your brain a rest by running or swimming.
  6. Dance. Dancing is a great exercise and challenges your brain to learn new routines.
  7. Get dressed in the dark. It will require you to use different senses for different activities.

Nutritional / Diet

  1. Food intake plays a big role in how our brains function. 
  2. Try to include blueberries, red cabbage, kale, almonds, and walnuts into your diet. These foods are good for your brain.
  3. Consuming eggs helps in improving memory.
  4. Try a low carb diet. It is healthy and good for your brain.
  5. Coffee is also good for your brain because the caffeine helps you stay alert and prevent cognitive decline.


  1. Sleep is vital if you want more energy, better focus, and higher brain performance.
  2. Wake up early to get yourself a fresh start.
  3. Taking a nap will help sharpen your memory.
  4. Sleep deeply so that your brain can dream and make connections.
  5. Maintain a regular sleeping schedule.

Above all the best way to tap into more of our brains is through writing. Write down whatever comes to mind.  You may come back to it later and be able to structure your thoughts.

Having a planner is handy in maximizing your brain’s potential.  Use our brain dump feature in our planner for all those ideas that will pop up in your head anytime. If you do not have your LP Planner yet. Order now.

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