You have no control over many things that happen in life. This is a brutal truth in life. It is hard but we need to accept this reality. We cannot control how people around us think and act. Like the fact that we can’t control the traffic, or somebody we love becomes ill. But although you can’t control the world around you, you can control your reaction to it.

When things become out of control,  there are emotions that are associated with it. We feel frustrated, desperate, and anxious. Sometimes, we become irritable and others may succumb to depression. Learn to accept and cope with things you can’t control. This might help you find peace of mind.

How to stop worrying?

This is why it is important to stop worrying about things we can’t control. Here’s how:

  • Addressing your mindset

Learn to recognize your thoughts. Do not dwell on the negative. It can be helpful and might lead you to stop worrying. When you identify that your thoughts aren’t entirely truthful and rational, you might find it easier to cope with them.

  • Identifying what you can control

Recognizing the control you do have over some things in your life might help you feel better. It might help to do what you can and surrender the rest, Weinstein says.

  • Practicing mindfulness  

Mindfulness refers to focusing on the present moment, where you are, and what you’re feeling right now. Concentrating on your surroundings might take your mind off of things you can’t control in the moment.

  • Using deep breathing 

Consider using deep breathing exercises when you’re feeling overwhelmed by things you can’t control. Deep breathing might be able to soothe anxiety by taking you out of the fight, flight, or freeze mode and activating the parasympathetic nervous system.

  • Journaling your thoughts

Journaling can be an effective way to express and process your emotions. It can help you deal with things you can’t control by becoming aware of the reasons behind this controlling need. 

Letting go of control is not easy. But we can stop worrying and manage our reactions to things we cannot control. Follow the tips above and you are on your way to accepting that there are things that we cannot control and it’s okay. Learning to recognize what you can and can’t control is a good first step that can help you develop the ability to cope. Focus on things we can control. Focus on ourselves and be better.

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