In this age of constant interconnectivity, how to set boundaries when you work from home is vital. It can be impossible to disconnect from work or set healthy boundaries around your work-life balance. Work and life are more intertwined than ever thanks to a drastic rise in remote work and an increasing dependency on technology.

When working from home or for remote workers creating boundaries between work and life is essential. This is to ensure the total well-being of an individual and avoiding burnout. In this way also there is greater productivity.

Ways to maintain healthy boundaries

Here are a few ways to set and maintain healthy boundaries for your life and work.

  • Beware of burn-out.
    When you work from home you tend to overwork. Doing this you may become completely exhausted. That is why boundaries between work and personal life are a must.
  • Set clear boundaries with your boss and colleagues.

Even if you are working from home, you can’t be available 24/7. Set your own schedule and stick to it. Communicate with your boss and colleagues regarding your schedule so it is clear to both parties. Letting them know when are you’re turning off your emails and notification or when you go offline. 

  • Have a specific office space.

Have a literal office space that you can enter and leave every day. When you are in an office or your designated workspace this signals the brain to get into work mode. Develop a routine that signals your brain to start and end your workday.

  • Maintain boundaries with your family. 

This might be an extra challenge especially if you have a family at home with small children. You can’t stop children from being children so there is a need to create boundaries. Find ways to build boundaries like closing the door in your working space and put a note that you are working and explain to them your set-up. 

Most of the remote works offer flexible time therefore you have the freedom to manage your time. You need to develop a healthy routine that works for you and your family since you are working from home. Communicate to your boss and colleagues regarding your schedule. Lastly, you need to create and uphold strong boundaries with yourself, the household, and your team at work or just your boss. By doing this, you will have less stress and more ease into your life. You can live a more intentional life. 

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