When life throws you a curveball it is important to know and learn how to respond and deal with it.  Baseball calls it a curveball for a reason: you just don’t know where some pitches will land. In life, it happens. Sometimes things happen in life which can really affect us, especially when we don’t see them coming. 

Change is inevitable and so it is part of life. There are changes that will caught us by surprise. Surely, can feel fearful and anxious. It can become hard to think. Hard to concentrate. It is not easy but there are ways we can do to deal with this dilemma. 

Helpful tips and ways to do when life throws you a curve ball

  • Stopped and regrouped. 

When curveballs hit us, it’s normal to feel anger, fear, anxiety, or worry. Our fight or flight response acts on centers in our brains, automatically creating feelings that we can’t avoid. We need to recognize these feelings and give ourselves time to calm down.

It is important to stop and take time to think. Don’t act in impulse by doing what first comes to mind. Don’t act rashly without thinking. Give yourself some time.

  • Make plans

You need to take charge of your life again that is why planning is really important. You need to move forward. Things happen that are beyond your control, and you cannot always change them but you can take charge of your life. You need to manage the things that you can.

You don’t need to know why things happened. You may never know. It is more important to focus on finding a solution that helps you get through it. According to Mark Edwards, “You can’t control the curveballs life throws you, so you have to learn how to control yourself and change quickly to make sure the curve ball doesn’t knock you out.”

  • Follow through and built new routines

Once you have made plans it is a matter of getting out there and following through on them. Be kind to yourself. This may involve small steps at a time.

It is also recommended to create new routines and slowly build it one day at a time. Small steps to progress. 

Things happen in life which we can’t control and sometimes these things can be devastating. They can stop us in our tracks. 

Your life is an adventure worth pursuing, so don’t let setbacks, even major ones, derail you completely. Take the time to acknowledge and embrace the change and then get back on that ride and enjoy your journey.

Let us help you effectively deal with life when it throws you a curveball.

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