Have you thought about redesigning your environment to achieve success? What is the role of the environment in your success? It affects your result. You have to make sure to protect your focus and not allow external issues to stop you from getting what you want or achieving success. 

Most of us think our decisions and actions determine our success. We believe that we only need willpower and motivation to get what we want. But we forgot to consider that we are also human. Humans are less in control than we think. The truth is humans are ruled by emotions and the environment. Our emotional brain controls our behaviors. Our actions are mostly triggered by a desire for pleasure, avoidance of pain, and a heightened sense of fear.

Humans are extremely reactive to their environment

Our emotional memories hold a lot of power over us.  These memories are formed by experience often without our awareness. We often associate our actions with something. For example, during your free time instead of reading a book or taking a walk, you watch Netflix. So every time you can see a window in your schedule you tend to grab your phone or open the TV, sit and watch Netflix. This isn’t bad, do not get me wrong, but if you want to develop good habits you have to be careful with the things you associate with your actions.

You have to put your willpower and motivation to design your environment to help you succeed in your goal.  You cannot build a habit overnight. What you can do is design a way to incorporate it into your daily routine or think of a way that you can really do it. 

Here is a simple checklist that you can follow so you can design your environment for success.

  • Disrupt the norm.

Disrupt the norm by performing a new action, switching up your routine, or doing things out of order – the more you will train your brain to respond to new triggers effectively.

  •  Make things that are important easier to do.

Humans tend to seek pleasure and avoid pain. So in forming new good habits remove the friction as much as possible.

  • Make things that you don’t want to do harder to do.

If you want to change or eliminate bad habits, you need to design your environment by making unwanted actions harder.

  • Remove unnecessary decision-making and choice.

Simplify your life. Let us start with sticking to a simple nutritious breakfast, rather than checking your pantry every time you prepare for breakfast. Eliminate unnecessary choices.

  • Stack your habits.

Of course, we are talking about good and healthy habits here. This method is called “habit-stacking,” and it can prove to be extremely useful. Stacking habits is an effective step in designing an environment for success.

Following the steps above can help you achieve your goals and live intentionally. Therefore, living life to the fullest.

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