What is “destination disease” and how do we overcome it? Destination disease is a belief that if we just arrive somewhere, we will be successful. It is when we accomplish a goal, attain a certain position, or win something. Success should not be defined as a destination instead, it is a journey on how far you’ve come.

People who have “destination disease” tend to be dissatisfied when they’ve reached any goal in life. The destination does not only refers to a place but also an accomplishment, such as a promotion or graduation. Although they might experience initial excitement toward the end of their journey, disappointment always shows up. This is a common condition experienced by people across the globe and can affect their outlook on life.

This disease is essentially wanting to get to the destination more than wanting to be the type of person who is proud of who they are upon arrival. It is the process and the journey that should matter. 

The Cure

There are three things that we can do to cure ourselves of destination disease. 

1. Be Prepared.

Prepare yourself for the missteps, mishaps, and mistakes that will happen.

2. Visualize.

Imagine what it likes to be when you reach your destination. By creating that mental image, you can start doing the necessary changes in your life now so you can be ready for the destination. 

3. Apply what you know.

Take action. Knowledge is useless if you are not actualizing what you’ve learned. It is in taking actions that you will gain experience and you will know what works and not. Then, you can have wisdom in all these. 

We need to understand that there is beauty in the journey. Instead of focusing on the destination as the prize, enjoy the road and all the thrills and excitement that come your way. If you focus too much on the endpoint, you’ll miss what’s happening along the way. Take your time to soak up every emotion you experience. Whatever your goal might be, focus on enjoying the journey as much as the destination.

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