Having a healthy relationship, you need to help your partner achieve their goals. You must support them in whatever they want to achieve in life. If you are a husband, you have to bear in mind that a happy wife means a happy life.

Being in a relationship has a lot of function, hence a lot of consideration. When you’re in a relationship you’re mostly viewed as two individuals who have one goal. However, there are goals that need both of your commitments to succeed. But we must not forget that as an individual we have our own goals as well. Hence, the need to help your partner achieve their goal/s.  

Helping sounds great when you know what you’re doing. As per Al Mihrab’s blog, there are five tips in helping your partner achieve their goals. His insights are all about romantic relationships but we can relate this to other aspects of partnership may it be business or what knot. 


  • Build up their Self-esteem – It’s best to let them feel that there is one person who believes in them. Same as they like to have a partner in business, you need to compliment them on what they have done so far that they are doing great. Always feel them reminded of the best things they can do.
  • Listen carefully to their problems – Problems are inevitable every step of the way when achieving goals. That’s why it’s better to have someone that you can at least share it with. This is now your position to lend ear to your partner. Understand well what his/her problems are. It’s better to comprehend it than just merely listening. Give advice if needed, if not just be at your best self to be with him/her. 
  • Help them to find distractions  – On the verge of achieving goals, your partner tends to be glued to his workstation and focused. As a supportive partner try giving him time to give himself a break. Maybe plan on going out or any activities to detach from working for the meantime.
  • Surround them with constant sources of motivation – Words are powerful. Always remind them of the things that keep them moving. You might create some visuals that will keep them reminded may it be a video clip, photo, or words of wisdom.
  • Celebrate their important milestones – Of course, celebrations sound amazing when he/she achieved his/her goal. Make at least a little effort to surprise them in small but genuine ways. Can be grand but intimate. 


These are just tips to help you out, still, it’s on your best knowledge of how you should manage in helping your partner achieve their goals. Always set a high understanding that they might be another person when they are struggling along their way. You’re the best person they can lean on to so don’t disappoint them. 


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