If you want to enjoy life and live life to the fullest you have to consider saving time and money. But often we are trapped with saving all the money that we forgot to save time. Bear in mind that there are some things that money cannot buy, and time is one of them. 

No matter how much money we save, we tend to struggle to save time. The question now is what’s more valuable: time or money? When you are young, you have time and energy but no money. At middle age, you have money and energy but no time. In old age, you have money and time but no energy. This is the usual cycle of life. If you want to break this usual cycle of life you have to examine your life now.

Tips on how to have more time


  • Spend less to work less. 
    • We tend to work more to earn more to support our consumerized lifestyle. Working more usually means spending a lot of time working. So then, we forget some areas of our life. We are too focused on earning more because we believe that when we have more money we are successful. 
    • Study your spending habits now. Are you spending too much on unnecessary things? What are those purchases that you can eliminate? Focus only on the essentials and necessary. You will see that you are spending too much money on things that you think are necessary but actually not.
  • Cut time costs 
    • Plan your activities for the day so you can save more time. For example, group your errands together and strategically plan your route. In this way, you can save gas, time, and effort.
  • Sacrifice some money for time.
    • It would not hurt to pay someone to do some job for you especially if it needs some sort of expertise. You can pay someone to groom your yard so you can have some time for yourself.

Time is the most important resource because we cannot get it back. Once it’s gone, it’s really gone. Therefore, it is very wise to spend our time wisely. Spend time with the things that really matter to you. Recognize that our time is limited and we do not know how much time we have.

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