With the vast definition of success, what is important is that we enjoy the road to success. There is a lot of definition for success. This is not a one-size fits all kind of thing and it varies for each individual. But in simple terms, success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. That is why in reality, success means different things to different people.

The interesting thing about a “road to success” is that there is always another bend up ahead for you to travel on. We also need to understand that failure is part of the equation. It is through failure that we learn lessons. Each failure becomes something valuable for the individual who is looking to walk down the road toward success. Every missed target is a learning process.

Here are some rules that will help us pave the road to success and enjoy the process. 

  • Change your mindset.

True. It is all in your mind. Cultivate a growth mindset. Recognizing that you can grow and learn and develop into the person you want to be is essential to growth.

  • Ask for help.

There is no shame in recognizing that you need help. The road to success is not meant to be lonely. Mentors provide clarity and a roadmap to success. But, you need to find someone who’s right for you. This is a person who will challenge your ways of thinking. They’ll provide actionable advice and hold you accountable.

  • Learn to delegate. 

Take it from Richard Branson that says, “The art of delegation is one of the key skills that any entrepreneur must master.” How can you do what you do best when you’re physically and mentally at your worst? This is why you need to surround yourself with people you trust.

  • Embrace failure.

Don’t be fearful of making mistakes. The truth is, you will fail at some point on your road to success. In fact, you might fail many times. But failure is not an indicator of your capabilities, it’s just another learning experience.

  • Invest in yourself.

Always strive to be a better version of yourself. That’s why you should never stop learning. You’ll meet people who can help to further your career or grow your business. Remember, they’ve been where you are. Some have achieved success, and some are still on the road to success, but they can all help you.

  • Formulate a Plan of Action

You need to create and strategize your plan of action. Write it down. A study found that people who wrote down their goals were 33 percent more successful in achieving them

  • Never give up.

 Persistence and consistency are the keys to achieving success. If you really want to be successful, then you need to be relentless in your pursuit of success. Celebrate every win. They all matter.


Before you start your journey toward success. You first need to define what it is you want. What is success looks like to you? Write it down and review it. Set clear goals. Then identify which one you are capable to achieve on your own and where you need help. You also have to bear in mind that it takes sacrifice and you will face failure. Do not hesitate to ask for help.


When you have clarity about where you’re going, and what you need to do to get there, you have a clear plan of action. Be consistent in taking actionable steps each day, and you will be well on your way to success.

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