Desire is a strong feeling. However, the decision toward the desire is crucial. This strong feeling of worthy or unworthy impels to the attainment or possession of something that is within reach whether in reality or imagination. An example is a desire for success.

Decision-making is a critical skill that you use every day. Making the right decision helps to decide whether you achieve your goals in life. Sometimes, however, when we make decisions, we’re not always in charge. We can be too impulsive or too deliberate. We let our desires take over and go with them without thinking through them.

There are, however, three key decisions that have the power to make or break your desires regardless of what they are. 

  1. The decision to begin. 

The starting point. It’s the point when you most likely have had enough of whatever it is you are experiencing. You finally decide you are ready for change. Incidentally, it is also the most challenging decision of all. This is when you may find yourself going back and forth in your mind about whether it’s the “right” time to write your book, travel the world, start your business,, or fulfill any other desire you may have.

  1. The decision to continue when it’s hard.

You have started but then you will meet hardship and challenges. You have to conquer the uncomfortable and decide to continue. The decision to continue when it’s hard can be a challenging one, but it is often crucial for personal growth and achieving long-term goals. It is powerful, purposeful, and the very thing that will guarantee you get to experience all your heart’s desires.

  1. The decision to begin again after a potential setback.

Whatever your desires are sometimes life will throw you curveballs. This is part of the journey. What separates those who fulfill their desires from those who don’t has nothing to do with being lucky or more skilled, and has everything to do with the choice to begin again.

At times, you may be tempted to quit or beat yourself up after a setback. Remember to rest if you must but do not quit. Take what lessons you can from this moment, remember why you started, and then make the decision to begin again.

Seek help if you need it. Choose to continue on your journey. Then you will see the signs that your desires are manifesting. You can also see the magic of trusting the process. Decide right on your desires.

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