Did you ever wish to change your life? Did you know that you can change your life by changing your week? A week? Yes, that is right, you can start by changing your week. A week is a perfect starting point to change your life because a day is too short and a month is too long. You start small, slowly but surely.

This is what we called in Life Pulse the intentional week. Start doing your intentional week and you will see a change in your life. So, how do we go about doing an intentional week? First, you have to set your intention. This is made easy when using the LP planner. Then, you need to follow through on that intention. Next, you need to reflect and evaluate how it goes. If you think everything went well as per your intention, just repeat the process. This will change your life one week at a time. 

Setting Intentions

Plan your week ahead. The use of a planner, the traditional one, pen, and paper is more effective than the digital planner available. Take time to write your plan for the week.  Start it with the things that you are grateful for. The things that you intend to focus on for the week. 

Remember, do not try to change your life in a week, instead change your weeks to change your life.

Let us help you in changing your weeks that will eventually change your life. Find out here.

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