Growth generally is good. Personal growth is important in many aspects of life. However, properly constrained growth is better because it leads to well-rounded growth. Additionally, there are methods used to ensure that you can achieve well-rounded growth. These methods would depend on your strengths, challenge, and goals. 

This is why it is important to understand personal growth. How can we achieve it? In this way, we can use our skills efficiently in the workplace and advance professionally. There are components to well-rounded growth. 

4 components for growth

  • Exposure

This will be easier achieved nowadays because of technology. Getting exposure to new practices can be self-guided and fairly low-effort. You can read books or articles, watch videos, do online training, and other e-learning methods.

  • Practice

There is a saying practice makes perfect. After your exposure, you have to practice what you have seen and learned. Practice allows you to dig into the skills you need to develop in a more focused way. Be intentional in trying new things as you go about your normal work. Discover what works for you and tweak things that don’t.

  • Inspiration

Get inspiration to be always mentally motivated. It can be a form of reward to yourself or another exposure by attending big events and conferences. Certainly, just simply holding on to your why is a form of inspiration also.

  • Support

You can do a lot of the initial learning on your own. However,  you will grow so much more if you have ongoing support from other people. Whether they’re helping you work through challenges as you encounter them, or celebrating successes as they happen. You need others surrounding you, keeping you accountable, and helping you on your journey.

Support can come in many forms. Professional coaches, mentors, and peer groups, your communities are all great ways to get support.

It can take time to learn about yourself. Considering those components of growth we need to decide how to approach personal growth. Remember that taking the time to evaluate your strengths and establishing goals can create constrained growth that will lead to well-rounded growth. You can now become a better version of yourself and be of service to others.

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