In this blog, we will discuss how time chunking can help you get more done. Time chunking is the act of blocking off large chunks of time for one task instead of bouncing between different, smaller tasks. This idea of time-chunking comes from an experiment conducted by a group of psychologists. Time chunking does what multitasking can’t. It elevates your focus so you can guarantee a value-driven finish on every project you’re working on.

There are a lot of benefits and advantages to a person who does time chunking. They can have more control over how they produce effective outcomes for work. For this reason, they can focus their time and effort on meaningful or purposeful goals. Since they can focus, they can stay on-task better to get through their to-do list and more. Using time chunking, you can also avoid switching your attention constantly among different or smaller tasks and won’t make these interruptions stop the workflow. Therefore, time chunkers organize their lives better.

Time Chunking: better time management

Here are ways to better time management via chunking

  • Make a list.

List everything you need to do on paper or in a notes app. You start with the most important and urgent tasks which demand the most energy and time. Review and reassess the list as often and keep it updated by continuously adding the things that you need to do as soon as you wake up. Make your list comprehensible enough to give you a quick overview of your priorities.

  • Block your time.

Strategically schedule to perform demanding tasks during your most productive hours of the day. Break working hours into chunks of hours for specific purposes. Block time in your schedule to get tasks done and avoid interruptions of any kind during these times.

  • Do One Task at a Time

Pick a single task and focus on it until it’s done. Focus can help you concentrate and produce a better outcome. Avoid multi-tasking because it cannot guarantee the speed and accuracy of getting a task completed well. When you are working on something, avoid all kinds of interruptions and try to refrain from doing or thinking about other tasks.

  • Stick to the Plan

Consistency is key. Be disciplined and follow the schedule that you’ve set for yourself. Avoid procrastination. Start with small tasks and chunks of time. Start with a 20 to 25-minute period of continuous work followed by a 5-minute break throughout your day. Gradually increase this interval as you go.

  • Review the results

Assess your progress. Do you have …?

  1. increased productivity?
  2. more free time?
  3. a more empowered mindset?
  4. less stress and pressure?
  5. A feeling of achievement?

Time is a resource and the most valuable asset. That is why we need to spend it wisely. Especially in today’s digital world, there are a lot of new distractions, time-sucking interruptions, and fragmented work schedules. We need to have a new mindset and create ways to effectively deal with them and get more done in the process. This is how time chunking can help you get more done.

Let us help you more with your time management and start with time chunking to better your life.

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