The world is constantly changing. This change in society is also leading to more stress.  Technology, social institutions, population, and the environment are top contributing factors to this. Whether we like it or not, we are forced to adapt to and accept these changes. Indeed, these developments and transformations are very stressful, but we have to trust that they will lead to a better future.

Instead of avoiding change, learn to deal with it 

It may be frustrating waking up and learning that your previous knowledge is now considered outdated. Who does want to be left behind? However, changes may be fast but it does not mean you are not allowed to slow down and take time to adjust to the changes. We have to know that it is better to slowly learn to cope with the changes instead of avoiding them

Remember, outdated does not mean it is wrong, it simply means that there is a new approach that is believed to be better. Nonetheless, you can continue to use what you know while learning what is new. Without risking your mental health, slowly learn to lift your ability to be adaptive to new things and unexpected events. There are ways to help you cope when everything keeps changing and don’t underestimate your ability to adapt to changes.

Moreover, some changes are predictable and some also happen unexpectedly. It is one of the truths that no one can change. All we can do is make sure that change is factored into our plans, and that backup plans are considered when making decisions. It may appear difficult or time-consuming at first, but it will become simpler over time.

We don’t have to be hard on ourselves since there is always room for improvement. Keep in mind that while the change in society is extremely stressful, it is vital to global growth, which benefits everyone.

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