Emotions are real and valid experiences. However, it does not reflect reality. Emotions are at the core of our motivation. They are our muses and they are why we continue on with life even in the face of disappointment. So, the next time you meet an emotional person or you will become one. Remember that it’s not a bad thing.

Emotions Are Not Facts

People experience many emotions daily, from joy and happiness to sadness and anger. Feelings are subjective experiences that arise in response to various stimuli, while facts are objective, verifiable pieces of information that can be supported by evidence. Past experiences, background, and personal beliefs influence how you feel about anything.

With that being said, It is essential to recognize what you feel and the truth. “Feelings are not supposed to be logical. Dangerous is the man who has rationalized his emotions,” observes David Borenstein. We need to learn how to separate the emotions from the facts. By doing so we can make more informed and rational decisions that are based on evidence and logic.

Our emotions can be powerful and confusing at times. We have to realize that they do not always reflect reality. It can also cloud our judgment. Which may lead us to make decisions that we might regret later or may not be the best choice. This is not easy but we can develop the skill on how to balance emotion, instinct, and logic.


Acknowledging that emotions are not facts. Take time to analyse your emotions and identify underlying triggers. Making it easier to manage them effectively. Bear in mind that, you can change how you feel by changing how you think. We can help, reach out to us. 

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