Have you heard someone say, don’t tell me about the labor pains, just show me the baby? This phrase meant to say that whatever you are offering has value in itself, just like a baby.

You do not need to elaborate on how much sacrifice, headaches, or troubles you went through to come up with that thing you are offering. So cut the drama just show them what you’ve got.

It is not easy working on a project, sometimes you cannot deliver the output on time. You have to make up excuses and alibis to your boss why you did not finish it.

Then, your boss’s reply would be, “Don’t tell me about the labor pains, just show me the baby.” Obviously, the boss doesn’t want to hear about your pains, sacrifices, or whatever excuse you have for not finishing something. All he wanted was a  complete project delivered on time.

One of the tools, that would help you finish a project or reach a goal is a good planner. A good all-in-one planner that would change your life one week at a time.


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