The study, carried out by Dr. Benjamin Vincent from the University’s Psychology department, found that hunger significantly altered people’s decision-making. This is why do not make an important decision when you are hungry. Being hungry may make you less patient and more impulsive.

“Hangry” feeling

You have probably experienced that “hangry” feeling. Hangry is the combination of “hunger” and “anger”. It is that sensation when you are so hungry that you become angry and irrational. According to experts, when we do not eat, our blood sugar goes low. And one of the main symptoms of low blood sugar is irritability.

Hunger may affect our decision-making, even regarding decisions unrelated to food. It is not surprising that hungry people were more likely to settle for smaller food incentives that arrived sooner. But not only that, researchers also found out that being hungry actually changes preferences for rewards entirely.

With all those reasons and red flags, we have to be very careful next time when we make decisions. We need to feed our stomachs first before anything else.  it really is important to not only avoid hunger pangs but also fuel our bodies and brains with nutrient-rich foods.

To make sound decisions, it’s generally advisable to address your hunger first by eating a balanced meal or snack to restore your energy levels and stabilize your blood sugar. Taking care of your basic physiological needs allows you to approach decision-making with a clearer mind and improved cognitive function.

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