In this journey of life, do not confuse a speed bump with a stop sign. As many people say, we choose who we become. If you have a dream or a vision for the future, your present self should start working on it. You must thoroughly plan your work and work your plan. But have you ever encountered hardship when pursuing your goals, and you’re not sure whether it’s a challenge to slow down but keep trying or a sign to stop and choose a different path?

Life is like driving a car

Goals and ambitions are what motivate individuals to keep working hard. It motivates us to glimpse the beauty in our future. However, much like driving a car, reaching our ambitions requires more than simply moving forward but also being aware of different signs. Signs can be both clear and confusing at times.

When you have goals, they should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bounded. Maybe you are working on an achievable goal but your time frame is what makes it unachievable. Remember, you can be a famous vlogger but don’t punish yourself for trying to achieve that in a short span. It requires hard work and patience. Consider it a speed bump to slow you down; take it easy, relax, and enjoy your journey. 

Nonetheless, plans without backups are as alarming as driving only on Google Maps. You may become lost and find it difficult to return or proceed. It simply implies that if plan A fails, you should go on to plan B, but if plan B fails as well, you should have plan C. But how many backup plans you should use to realize that it is not really meant for you? If things didn’t go as planned, it is not a loss, but rather a sign that something better awaits you if you only open yourself up to new possibilities.

You can be a failure at something but it cannot define you as a failure in life. Opportunities are everywhere so don’t close your mind and stop trying. Success is just around the corner; slow down and don’t be afraid to open your mind to other possibilities.

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