Pain has a purpose. Many of us don’t know what we are capable of until we face pain. Pain gives us the platform to express abilities that have long subdued us. Our pain has a purpose therefore it is worth struggling with. There is value in experiencing difficulty or pain because it can lead to the greater good. 

Bear in mind that God doesn’t put you through suffering without a goal. Therefore there are purposes for your pain and suffering. Through pain you:

  • Discover your own strength

During tough times and painful moments, you realize how resilient and capable you are. Painful experiences can also teach us important life lessons. We can discover our priorities and values. Overcoming a health challenge for example. You will become more aware of the importance of health and well-being.

  • Pain expands your endurance.

When you’re tested through the fires of pain, what’s forged on the other side is perseverance and endurance. Painful experiences can help you develop greater stamina and endurance.

  • Pain matures you.

When perseverance finishes its work you are mature, and maturity helps you see the world differently. Emotional maturity refers to the ability to regulate your emotions, empathize with others, and make responsible decisions. Pain hones your emotional maturity.

  • Pain gives you what pleasure never could.

When you’re going through a difficult or painful experience it can lead to personal growth. Painful experiences can force you to confront difficult emotions and challenges that you might otherwise avoid or ignore. 

  • Pain is the price for a greater reward.

No pain, no gain. In order to achieve something truly meaningful or valuable, it often requires enduring some amount of pain. Ultimately, the idea that pain is the price for a greater reward can be a powerful motivator to push yourself out of your comfort zone and pursue your goals. It is important to approach this concept with balance and perspective. 

Pain is an ever-present constant in life. Whether it be something big or small. Now that we know the purpose of our pains. We can take comfort and solace in the words of God and the bible. Be grateful for the pain and discover the purpose behind your pain.

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