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The work-from-home imperative that began in 2020 will have lasting implications for companies juggling both corporate and employee needs. Meeting both corporate financial goals and individual goals can feel like a mismatch of manager expectations and team wants. How does an organization drive growth and profit while giving their teams more freedom, more choices, and more flexibility?

In a recent study, 40% of supervisors and managers expressed low self-confidence in their ability to manage workers remotely and are skeptical that staff can stay motivated over the long term. Life Pulse’s Unbreakable Workshops deliver the linkage needed by integrating Structure and Intention to power both corporate and personal performance. Our three-part program includes: 

-Foundation – designing the individual structure needed to thrive
-Power– leveraging internal strengths to drive external desires
-Glue – connecting intention to professional responsibilities

Unlike other programs focused solely on motivation, everything we do is tied directly to ROI, with a focus on the right structure and intention to obtain specific results for a minimum of one professional goal in each plan.

Client Success Stories

Business Grows $750,000 Using Our Training

In a short amount of time, Shantel was able to see drastic growth for herself as well as her team.  She brought us in to train the team as well as coach the managers and the end result was even better than what she was hoping for.

Our goal with our programs is to tie a strong ROI for each client in just 90 Days. Shantel and her team, along with most clients, way surpassed this expected ROI and continues to grow. Most people do not know how much they are leaving on the table.

We are able to do this because we set our clients goals to make sure it is worth it for the company as well as for themselves. The biggest different between our programs and others…we show your team how to want to do their jobs well. Because it is their choice, the results the company experienced are better then before.

What Program is Best For You. Choose the program that will best help you.

Achieve Any Size Goal Through Small Calculated Steps To Get What You Want In 90-Days!

(You + Them) x Systems= Results

Sustainable Solution For Motivation To Withstand External Factors That Forces Unexpected Change

(You + Them) x Systems= Results

Transformational Training To Never Be Broken By The World But Thrive Through Growth And Change

(You + Them) x Systems= Results

Case Studies That Show Results

Our TYT Program has been renamed Bridging The Gap once a client told us this…

“You have transformed our team but what you have really done is bridged the gap between personal and professional growth which makes it easier every day to get up, get to work, and do better each day with the current resources at my disposal.”

Busiest Airport In The World – Hartsfield/ Jackson International Airport

Kofi Smith President/CEO of AATC

One Of The Fastest Growing Privately Owned Company in the World – Corrective Chiropractic

Austin Cohen CEO Corrective Chiropractic

Needing To Find Personal Options For You To Do Outside Of Your Company?

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