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The Natural Law of 3’s

By: Matt

April 1, 2018

Natural Law of 3’S Third time’s a charm… I am privileged to get to talk to hundreds of parents of high school and collge students every year. My goal is to get those parents to send their student to our youth success program, Eagle University.  In talking with the parents if they seem hesitant about […]

The Natural Law of Compensation

By: Matt

March 18, 2018

The Natural Law of COMPENSATION Do good, get results. Of course, I have “favorite” Natural Laws.  This happens to be one of those because of the results I have seen from using it in my own life.  This law reminds us that in nature what we do comes back to serve us in some way later […]

The Natural Law of 5 to 1

By: Matt

March 11, 2018

The Natural Law of 5 to 1  Turn that frown upside down! Do you know how many negative emotions you have in each encounter with every person you come in contact with? I’m not going to lie to you, I don’t keep track of this.  Probably 95% of the time I forget to examine the […]

The Natural Law of Motivation

By: Matt

March 4, 2018

Natural Law of Motivation Everyone’s got their own… I remember watching my husband, Matt, compete in his first IronMan competition two years ago. Not even 10 months before that, I was begging, Matt, my fiancé at the time to love fitness like I do so we could do it together. Fitness is my thing, but it definitely […]

The Natural Law of Authority

By: Matt

February 25, 2018

The Natural Law of Authority Who are you letting lead you? As a kid, I had to use my imagination a lot.  We didn’t have cell phones, ipads, etc.  I am betting you didn’t either. One of my all-time favorite games “back in the day” was the simple and classic “follow the leader”. The setup is […]

The Natural Law of Discovery

By: Matt

February 18, 2018

The Natural Law of DISCOVERY Help others discover their own solutions! Okay, so most of the time I find this law useful in the workplace, but I want to share a way you can use it to make your personal relationships more effective. Whenever I have a call scheduled with a good friend to go over something […]

The Natural Law of the Herd

By: Matt

February 11, 2018

The Natural Law of the HERD What are you getting yourself into? We sold our first house just under a year ago. For any of you in that same boat, you know the sense of relief and excitement that comes with getting a property off your hands and making a good return.  Even with all […]

The Natural Law of the Vacuum

By: Matt

February 4, 2018

The Natural Law of the Vacuum What are you filled with? I want to keep this message short and simple because – well – it is.  Here’s the deal.  Nature HATES a vacuum – or in easier terms, an empty space.  If something isn’t “filled”, then it’s not long before nature takes it upon herself to […]

The Natural Law of Enthusiasm

By: Matt

January 28, 2018

The Natural Law of ENTHUSIASM Go ahead…get excited! Okay, you aren’t in “sales”, so this must not apply to you right? Wrong! This applies to everyone and can be used to get results in ANY area of life.  Check this out.  So, no matter what you do…  You are in the business of “selling” someone on […]

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