Do It, See It and Hear It Leads to Achieve It

By: Mae Eula

February 25, 2021

Learning styles fall into three categories: visual learners, auditory learners, and kinesthetic learners. But in life you have to do it, see it and hear it in order to achieve it.   Kinesthetic learners are hands-on learners. They learn best by figuring things out by hand. They do it to learn it.   Visual learners […]

Only Go Against the Grain When your Action is Backed by Truth

By: Mae Eula

February 18, 2021

In this digital age, everything and everybody is embracing the digital solutions of almost anything. But we, at Life Pulse go against the grain. In doing our daily and weekly planning because we are backed with the truth. We recommend you use a planner, an LP planner in plotting those plans in achieving your goals. […]

Why Destination Addiction Can Steal Your Happiness?

By: Mae Eula

February 11, 2021

What is destination addiction and why it can steal your happiness? Everybody has goals and dreams. To be able to attain these goals we figure out a plan and work it out until we get what we want. But when we were already at that stage we were still not happy, instead, we focus on […]

Why Following The Map, Will Get You To The Treasure

By: Mae Eula

February 4, 2021

We all have dreams and goals in life. We want to achieve those things that we dream of. They say, eyes on the price, I say follow the map to get the price. You see, even pirates take off their eyes on the treasure to check on the map and follow what’s in there to […]

Why Gratitude is a Choice

By: Mae Eula

January 28, 2021

Gratitude is a choice, choose it always. Gratitude is a warm feeling of being thankful or the readiness to show appreciation for and return kindness. This is the only emotion, we can choose to feel or not feel by ourselves. It does not need any outside influence that will cause you to feel it, it […]

You’re Never Lost with a Full Tank of Gas

By: Mae Eula

January 21, 2021

Did you hear someone say, “You’re never lost with a full tank of gas”? Ideally, you have to keep your gas tank full because it will protect your vehicle, save you more time and money.  Most importantly, when driving in an unfamiliar place, you need to have a full tank of gas. On top of […]

Life Is Like Driving A Car

By: Mae Eula

January 14, 2021

Life is like driving a car. Most of the time we take care of our cars more than we take care of ourselves. We make sure that is running well. We always see to it that the tires are in perfect condition with the right amount of air in them.  If we were in a […]

How To Use Your Brain to the Fullest

By: Mae Eula

January 7, 2021

The human brain is more powerful than all the digital technology in the world combined. You need to tap the much more powerful part of your brain. We need to use our brains to the fullest and achieve our highest potential. Here are some hacks to tap into more of our brains. We need to […]

It is Important to Take Time for Yourself

By: Matt Granados

December 31, 2020

Taking time for yourself isn’t selfish. It refreshes and re-energize you. It also allows you to think more clearly and make better decisions. Taking time for yourself also builds your self-esteem.  It helps you show up fully for others in your life. Self-care can prevent burnout, reduce the negative effects of stress, promote a healthy […]

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