3 E’s in Implementation: Experience, Exposure, and Expression

By: Matt

September 17, 2020

The three keys to implementation are experience, exposure, and expression. Experience is the process of getting knowledge or skill from doing, seeing, or feeling things. Exposure, on the other hand, is the fact of experiencing something or being affected by it because of being in a particular situation or place. While the expression is the […]

Find Time For Yourself

By: Matt

September 10, 2020

Keep meeting with yourself as you would with anyone else. Find time for yourself and do something that you enjoy. Give yourself a break. Include activities in your to-do lists that entails meeting with yourself and make sure to keep it. It is very important to insist on time alone.  How to schedule a time […]

Focus on One Goal at A Time

By: Matt

September 3, 2020

If you chase two rabbits, you will not catch either is a famous Russian proverb. The meaning is simple, focus on one thing to achieve success. Rabbits were being used to illustrate the idea because of their behavior. Rabbit, when chased, tend to change direction rapidly to throw off their pursuer. In order to catch […]

If You Fail to Plan, You are Planning to Fail

By: Matt

August 27, 2020

A quote from Benjamin Franklin, if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.  This is an impeccable message, yet we still fail to grasp its significance.  Similarly, as we all can observe without a plan there is a huge potential to fail but with a solid and strategic plan, we have more chances […]

It Starts With You

By: Matt

August 20, 2020

Whatever it is that you aim to achieve, it starts with you. Take it from Mahatma Gandhi, “be the change you’d like to see in the world and it all starts with you. If you want to achieve your goals, plan for it, and then work towards your plan. In addition, if you want to […]

Get Anything you Want out of Life

By: Matt

August 13, 2020

Get anything you want out of life. This is the Eagle University’s aim in its summer youth success program. This is a unique program for teenagers and young adults ages 15 to 24 to gain competitive insights and how to get a 7-year head start on their career. You can see the awesome change in […]

Plan Together and Become Happier

By: Matt

August 6, 2020

Two heads are better than one as they always say. This is also true in planning together and being happier. Couples that plan together stay together, like being together and just happier. For married couples it is necessary to undertake some careful planning together, taking into account both situations and points of view. For it […]

To Know Thyself is the Beginning of Wisdom

By: Matt

July 30, 2020

Socrates once said, “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom”. So, how do you know yourself and why is it important? If you do not know who you are, you’ll have no idea where you want to go. Knowing yourself is like a compass that will direct your path in life. If you do […]

There is no Success or Failure, just Results

By: Matt

July 23, 2020

There’s no such thing as success or failure, just results. Success and failure are just two different words of feedback. If we get a positive we call it a success but failure if otherwise. These are all a learning experience that we must go through to reach the end result. Human as we are, we […]

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