Trust your Gut or Instincts

By: Mae Eula

September 23, 2021

As humans, we’ve been hearing this “trust your gut or listen to your instincts”. As a way of encouraging us when we’re in a certain situation. But how do we define gut or instincts? And what does it actually mean? Or how do we do it?  Gut or instinct or intuition as defined by Emily […]

The Patterns In Your Life That Help You Succeed

By: Mae Eula

September 16, 2021

Are there really patterns for success? Let us know what are the patterns in life that help us succeed. Additionally, if we only knew these patterns before maybe all of us are now reaping the success that we all wanted. There are people that we consider universally successful. People whose achievements impress us, and whose […]

Set a 5-Minute Goal to Get Major Success Today

By: Mae Eula

September 9, 2021

Who doesn’t want to be successful? We all love hearing success stories of people that we imagined we could be as well. So how can we practice the imagery of success through our minds and little moves? Here’s a great tip, we’ll practice setting a 5-minute goal to success.  Yes, the truth is nothing happens […]

How to Overcome a Bad Habit and Replace It With a Good One

By: Mae Eula

September 2, 2021

Is it possible to overcome bad habits and replace them with a good one? The answer is yes. It is very possible but it is not easy. People are not perfect. Even though we know what we should do like eating well, exercising, and getting good sleep, we still indulge in unhealthy habits. These bad […]

Adding Friction is Key to Breaking a Bad Habit

By: Mae Eula

August 26, 2021

You want to break a bad habit, adding friction is the key to breaking a bad habit. How do you add friction? One of the methods to increase friction is to create a rougher point of contact. If you want to stop doing this bad habit you need to make it difficult for you to […]

How to Help Your Partner Achieve Their Goals

By: Mae Eula

August 19, 2021

Having a healthy relationship, you need to help your partner achieve their goals. You must support them in whatever they want to achieve in life. If you are a husband, you have to bear in mind that a happy wife means a happy life. Being in a relationship has a lot of function, hence a […]

The Difference between Disagreements and Dysfunction

By: Mae Eula

August 12, 2021

Let us know the difference between disagreements and dysfunction. Keep in mind though that disagreement doesn’t mean there is dysfunction. Disagreements happen when you differ in opinion, ideas, or anything that you are not on the same page with. Dysfunction on the other hand happens when there is an abnormal or impaired functioning. You can […]

How To Start Something New in your Life

By: Mae Eula

August 5, 2021

How to take the first step and start something new in your life? This is a question we often ask ourselves. I say, to start something new, bring it with you. For instance, you want to increase your water intake, so carry a water bottle with you. In this way, you will always be reminded […]

How to Have More Time to Enjoy Life

By: Mae Eula

July 29, 2021

If you want to enjoy life and live life to the fullest you have to consider saving time and money. But often we are trapped with saving all the money that we forgot to save time. Bear in mind that there are some things that money cannot buy, and time is one of them.  No […]

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