The Natural Law of Knowledge

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December 30, 2017

The Natural Law of KNOWLEDGE Know who’s in the room and what room you’re in! I was a bit of an “internship queen” as a college student but I was always the least qualified candidate in the final phase of the selection process.  Honestly, many of these internship placements could have picked WAY more qualified […]

The Natural Law of Reciprocity

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December 24, 2017

The Natural Law of RECIPROCITY Think it through! I remember in high school physics class learning Newton’s Third Law of Motion. You know, the one that says “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”? Think of a swimmer using her feet to push off the side of the wall and propel herself forward.  She initially […]

Natural Law of Accountability

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December 13, 2017

NATURAL LAW OF ACCOUNTABILITY When two or more are responsible, nothing happens. When many are responsible and one person is accountable, things get done! When I have a task on my list (my Brain Dump) that needs to be assigned to my young leadership team, I always catch myself just about to make a major mistake.  […]

Natural Law of Loss

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December 5, 2017

NATURAL LAW OF LOSS The fear of loss is more powerful than the desire for gain. As I begin preparing for 2018, I start looking for what I want to gain in my life.  I think looking for gain is a pretty healthy way to look at the future, don’t you?  Well, then I think back […]

Natural Law of Compensation

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December 1, 2017

NATURAL LAW OF COMPENSATION You can get anything you want in life if you help other people get more of what they want. Of course, I have “favorite” Natural Laws.  This happens to be one of those because of the results I have seen from using it in my own life.  This law reminds us that in […]

Natural Law of the Harvest

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October 28, 2017

NATURAL LAW OF THE HARVEST It’s really in your hands… We have all heard this time and time again in our lives.  But, are we really getting it? See, sow = “do”.  As we “do” to ourselves, others, this world, etc., we are actually laying the groundwork for what we will eventually produce or “reap” in […]

Natural Law of Non-Verbal Communication

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October 10, 2017

NATURAL LAW OF NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION It’s not WHAT you say… When it comes to truly being PRODUCTIVE in your interactions with others, there’s really no better natural law than this to make it happen! When you are speaking with someone face-to-face, what do you notice most…what they SAY or how they ACT?  Most of us focus on […]

Natural Law of Perpetual Motion

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October 5, 2017

NATURAL LAW OF PERPETUAL MOTION Get it started. I see this Natural Law at work every single day.  Once I complete one task in my Brain Dump, I set myself in motion.  Pretty soon, I am scratching off tasks, crushing weekly goals, and on my way to the productive week I set out to have. The […]

Natural Law of 80/20

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September 26, 2017

NATURAL LAW OF 80/20 Where does it come from? I am awake for about 18 hours of the day.  Six hours of sleep seems to be my sweet spot. I spend about ONE hour over at Iron Tribe Fitness in the mornings.  I spend ONE hour reading something for my personal growth after that.  I spend […]

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