Truth is the real fact about something. The things that are true and they are constant. Application changes but the truth is constant. Laws change, the universal truth is constant. You see, almost everything else changes but the truth is constant.


There are kinds of truth. Identity is the truth of description. A circle is round because we define a circle as round. Axiomatic Truth is the truth about the system. The Peano axioms, for example, define the rules of arithmetic. They are demonstrably true and the system is based on these truths.


Historic truth, on the other hand, is an event that actually happened. It left behind evidence, witnesses, and proofs. This type of truth is very valuable to us because it can guide us on what to do. These are proven experiences of things that actually happen that we can replicate and learn from. 

Personal experience truth is the truth that’s up to you. How you reacted to what happened can only be seen and reported by you. This is why it’s so important for us to keep the truth at the forefront of our minds. The truth will be able to be applied in our present and our future. Truth is a constant teacher that can be applied in many different ways, in different seasons, and through different generations.

When in doubt about where to go next or how to solve today’s problems…just seek the truth.  Remember application changes but the truth remains constant. This is one of the foundations of our teaching, contact us now to learn more.

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