You want to break a bad habit, adding friction is the key to breaking a bad habit. How do you add friction? One of the methods to increase friction is to create a rougher point of contact. If you want to stop doing this bad habit you need to make it difficult for you to do it. Create a hostile environment for this habit.

What if to use social media you need to go to a specific store and you need to fill up a registration form every time. Additionally, you need to pay for the use and can only do it for 30  minutes. Do you think you still want to do it? Usually, bad habits form because it is convenient and easy.

To get rid of bad habits, you need to make it harder to do. Follow these 2 steps to eradicate bad habits from your life.

Get rid of bad habits.

  • Know your vice.

Write down all your vices that you think are unhealthy. Rank them according to which you want to get rid of first. Once you have the list and the order, focus on the first one. Get rid of it first before doing the number 2. 

Generally but not all vices or addictions deprived you of your time or money. Find out which one of your habits deprived you of.


  • Add 10x or more Friction

If the habit you want to get rid of involves money, make it 10x expensive. How? In case you are guilty of shopping (unessential), every time you shop, put 10x the price in your savings. If you are not able to do it, promise yourself not to shop.

If after applying some frictions on those bad habits, you were still able to do it. Just add more friction until you will not do it. Be truthful with yourself and really commit to breaking your bad habits.

Let us help you. Find a program that is suitable for you.

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