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Motivate The Unmotivated:

The Proven System for Sustainable Motivation

Motivate the Unmotivated provides a simple Motivation Formula that works seamlessly and continuously to motivate even the least engaged individual, whether that’s yourself, an employee, a co-worker, a romantic partner, a child, or yes…even a pet! You’ll learn:

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“Whether you have a proven operating system in place or if you are just looking for a great starting point to better understand your team, Motivate the Unmotivated is a definite win. This book will integrate seamlessly and help to navigate the working dynamic between a motivator and motivatee.”

Curtis A. Schuttinger - COO/Vice President of Operations

What You Will Learn

Finally, a book that gives you applicable, implementable techniques for how to boost motivation in all areas of your life—as well as the lives of others. You know "what" you should do in order to motivate yourself and others. So why don’t you do it? No one has ever systemized the "How" to what you already know you should do.

To experience consistent results in ourselves and others we need to do one thing: connect actions to outcomes before they are experienced. It’s the value that is recognized when this happens that drives our behaviors and ensures our continued investment in a task or project. Most unmotivated people would never say they are lazy and it turns out most simply lack awareness of the relationship between their actions and their desired ends—and sometimes, they aren’t even sure what it is they value. In order to motivate the unmotivated—whether that’s ourselves, others, or both—we need to strengthen the synapse between actions and outcomes.

Who Should Read It

The main character of this book is you and the supporting character is anyone in your life that you would like to motivate. To make it easier we will introduce you to a character we call Unmo.

We all have an Unmo in our life that we would love to see be a bit more motivated. This book was written to show you how as a “how-to” book. This is for the motivator who has someone in their life that they are looking to help. This is not for someone trying to manipulate someone to do what they want (although this system can do that). We have found that the biggest take away from the system and techniques taught in this book is how it helps in ANY relationship. This is for you are wanting or needing to motivate the following….

Employee - Child - Manager - Customer - Sibling - Boss - Spouse - Team - Friend - Parent - Client - Pet (literally)

The system in this book is simple and you can see it below but the power of this book is the techniques we will teach you how to Motivate the Unmotivated in a symbiotic way that takes less energy and time from you but leaves lasting results for them.

“Motivating the Unmotivated goes beyond a simple task of motivation. It provides a full framework utilizing different aspects of life and how they funnel into the final goal of motivation. By reading through real life examples and guidance of how we can change our mentality, it provides not just a good read, but also actionable takeaways to improve multiple facets of the life we're living!”

- Leanna Gensler - Human Resources Manager

“This is a truly meaningful book and it will benefit managers and leaders profoundly on a personal level and a leadership level.”

- Meghan Tierney - Vice President of Customer Success

Avoid the Deadly Assumption of Motivation

This deadly assumption is when individuals say, "I'm Good."

The best motivators throughout history we have found that they all have 5 traits in common and a key part of this is that they all continue to grow themselves.

If you feel that you are , "All Good" and do not need to learn any more about motivating others... take a quick look here and see if there is anything inside the book that may help you.

We know the content in this book will help anyone who accesses it to unlock the key to motivate even the most unmotivated individual.

Remember, knowing what do is meaningless unless you understand "how" to do it. Grab your copy today!

About the Author

Over the last decade, Matt has tested, developed and helped thousands of others implement an effective and easy to duplicate system that will help you build an unbreakable foundation for your life as well as motivate even the most unmotivated individuals in your life.

These techniques in versions such as keynotes, workshops, and individual coaching have been taught and implemented in organizations of all industries and sizes. From Google Headquarters and Twitter to the United States Airforce and professional organizations all around the world. Matt has been able to teach these systems to thousands of individuals along with his team at Life Pulse, Inc.

With over 10 years and 10,000 hours of studying, using, and teaching these concepts, Matt is considered to be an expert on teaching individuals how to build an unbreakable foundation for themselves as well as their organization, along with how to properly manage motivation.

Due to the confidence in the systems created by Matt and his team at Life Pulse, Matt has been known as one of the only consultants that offer money-back guarantees on their work. Because of that Matt has been able to grow Life Pulse into an international organization quickly.

Along with speaking and coaching, Matt is also an author, featured columnist, and sought-after expert in the field of motivating others. With all the success Matt has experienced, most importantly, Matt is happily married to his wife and business partner (Maria) with two amazing kids (Natalie & Zach). The drive behind Matt is his obsession to make sure no person's potential is wasted and that each person he comes in contact with, if they want, is able to experience their maximum level of success.

“As a professional leading and teaching sales representatives, motivation is a key factor that is often not discussed. This book gives really quality content and easy "How-To's" that allow you to implement immediately with the people you are looking to motivate, which has in turn made me even more motivated to be a better leader!”

- Suzie Heffernan - National Training Manager

We have seen our system and techniques work which is why we will give you a 100% Guarantee that if you follow our system and use our techniques that you will be able to see improvement with the person you are looking to motivate. If you do not, please send back the book and we’ll refund you the money for the book.

We would ask that you reach out to us within the first 90 days of you reading and using the techniques, that you contact us before to see if we can help you get better results. If we can not help, we will ask you to easily send back the book, let us know why it didn’t work, and we will give you your money back. All we want is to see you get the results that we have seen thousands experience after using our techniques.

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